Brazilian ag leaders are more committed with ESG than their peers

47% of CEOs in the sector aim for carbon neutral while world’s average is 26%

Brazilian ag leaders are more committed with ESG than their peers

Brazilian agribusiness executives are more committed to ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) than managers in general worldwide or even their peers from other sectors in Brazil.

These data are from PwC’s 25th Annual Global CEO Survey, which interviewed more than 4,400 executives from 89 countries.

For respondents, macroeconomic volatility (57%), climate change (50%) and cyber risks (27%) are the top three concerns that could threaten business in 2022.

Regarding ESG practices, the level of agribusiness commitment in Brazil is above world average. 47% claim to have carbon-neutral commitment and 43% already have them in progress, while global average is 26% and Brazilian average is 31%.

This same trend is evident regarding Net Zero issues. 37% of Brazilian agribusiness companies have signed commitments, while in other sectors in Brazil the percentage is 27% and the global average is 22%.

“ESG practices are pivotal for all sectors; however, they are even more relevant for agribusiness. Consumers, financial and international trade agents are increasingly demanding”, says Maurício Moraes, partner at PwC Brasil.

67% of participating leaders say that mitigating climate change risks is behind their net zero strategy, which is also higher than the global average of 61%. The same share (61%) also indicates that commitments have been driven by consumer expectations.