Fund will invest US$ 100 mi in Americas livestock for methane reduction

Green Climate Fund and IICA sign agreement to finance new projects

Fund will invest US$ 100 mi in Americas livestock for methane reduction

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) have announced a partnership to allocate US$ 100 million in projects for decreasing livestock methane emissions throughout Americas.

The initiative meets the commitment signed by Brazil and 100 other countries during COP-26 to reduce methane emissions in the agricultural sector. Brazil’s adhesion was voluntary and aims to cut global emissions by 30%.

The GCF, based in South Korea, is a fund created by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The mission is to support developing countries on undergoing practices and technologies against climate change and its effects.

“This partnership is very important for research and other innovation technologies, which we understand is the path to be followed. Herd reduction is not an option. With a lot of technology and innovation, we will be able to reduce methane emissions”, says the Ministry’s Secretary of Innovation, Sustainable Development and Irrigation, Fernando Camargo.


For instance, he reinforces integrated systems that allow livestock emissions to be captured by crops and forests in a consortium of cultures. This technique is an example of the ABC+ Plan, which aims to reduce GHG emissions by more than 1 billion tons until 2030.

Other ongoing technologies in Brazilian livestock are the genetic improvement of pastures and animals, as well, the usage of additives. All of these techniques are low carbon and low methane approaches.

IICA informed the first step previews feasibility studies in order to open opportunities for both public and private sectors to present their projects on the American continent. (informations from Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply)